Are you.....

Ready for your next extreme personal development experience?

 Longing to find others who can step up and play at your level?  

Looking to find ways to invite those in your life to join you?

Join us for something completely different!

  Radically Honest Communication
The Foundation Weekend Retreat

Are you up for the challenge?

Through skills of being radically honest & fine tuned authentic communication learn how to invite
others in your life to join you on this journey so that you are no longer alone. This workshop is for those who have done a LOT of work AND are ready to put it to the ultimate test. 

Refining your skills through extreme personal development hands-on challenges.

Just like building muscle at the gym you need to keep adding more challenge to grow; so too with your personal development.

This retreat will put you on the hot seat inside a safe container with expert spotters to insure you can grow without injury to yourself or others. 

Become UnFuckwithable

Become fully connected to who you truly are and your powerful essence the majority of the time.


- Better understanding of your truth
- Improved Communication
- Short cut to your desired outcomes

Speak your truth without experiencing backlash and repercussions

Speak your truth in a way that invites others in your life to lean in with you.

Welcome and embrace difficult conversations.

Discover the safety of  being radically honest in all your relationships.

Radically honest conversations allow difficult and complicated relationships to transform into easy and relaxed interactions

Growth comes when we get to the root,
the truth,
becoming comfortable
with hearing this truth from others
allows us to shortcut to our desired outcomes. 

June 24-26, 2022
Toronto Canada

This retreat is a 2.5 day immersive experience at a convenient location near the Toronto Airport.

Your decadent experience Includes:

- Friday night cocktails & orgasmic hors d'oeuvre

- Nourishing Lunches

- Healthy Snacks and refreshments throughout

Support Goodies for your journey in the weekend, so you are cared and pampered during your extreme personal development 

Travel & accommodations are extra

Extreme Therapy
6 months worth of transformation in ONE weekend!

This weekend will change all the relationship dynamics of ALL the relationships in your life.

Join us June 24-26, 2022